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I.Q. Gets Fit

I.Q. Gets Fit

ISBN: 9780802795588

Title: I.Q. Gets Fit

Author: Mary Ann Fraser

KDL Description:


During Fitness Month, I.Q., the class pet, discovers important lessons about staying healthy as he tries to win a gold ribbon in the School Fitness Challenge.

Amazon Description:

It’s going to be an active month in I.Q.’s classroom—it’s Health Month! And when the school announces that those who pass the fitness test will get a gold ribbon, I.Q. knows right away that he wants to win one.
In class, Mrs. Furber teaches the students all about a balanced diet and the food pyramid, drinking the right amount of water, exercising for fitness, and balancing that activity with good rest. But I.Q. can’t run as long or jump as far as the other students, and he’s worried that he won’t win a ribbon. Will I.Q.’s hard work pay off as he goes for the gold?