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Why Do I Run?

Why Do I Run?

ISBN: 9781595669711

Title: Why Do I Run?

Author: Angela Royston

KDL Description:


Why do I run? What does exercise do? Which exercises improve your stamina? How does oxygen help the muscles in your body? Find the answers to these questions and much, much more in this picture-packed introduction to the human body. What are you waiting for? Don’t more a muscle – get reading. Close-ups and cutaway diagrams, fantastic photographs, clear text makes complex ideas easy to understand.

Amazon Description:

Perfect for early elementary students who nned to know about their bodies and maintaining their health and hygiene, this title in the My Body series explains the importance of excercise in a simple, straightforward manner. Labeled diagrams illustrate body parts and processes, and activities give kids a chance to explore, to test themselves, and watch how their bodies react. We are, after all, each a very interesting science experiment. Notes for parents and teachers are appended.