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It's a Big, Big World: Be Healthy and Happy

It's a Big, Big World: Be Healthy and Happy


Title: It's a Big, Big World: Be Healthy and Happy

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KDL Description:


Wartz is upset that he can’t balance on the seesaw with the monkeys. But after practicing tai chi and learning more about amphibians, Wartz realizes he has his own type of balance!

Wartz’s Work Out
Wartz decides to quit hopping, but soon he isn’t feeling very well. Snook explains that exercise helps you feel good and the pair learns how other animals get their exercise. Sappy Monkey
When Winslow celebrates the first day of sap season by eating too much sap, Smooch and Snook teach him about the importance of a healthy diet.

A Good Heartbeat
Wartz and Bob feel their hearts beating fast and are afraid they have swallowed drums until Snook and Oko teach the pair about hearts and heartbeats. Roots Rock Wartz learns from the other animals how they all do their part to keep the World Tree healthy and then discovers that he is also an important keeper of the tree!

Amazon Description:

Join in the adventures of Snook, the charismatic sloth who lives in the World Tree with his colorful animal friends! Together they investigate the world around them and discover how different things live, grow and change.