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The Calder Game

The Calder Game

ISBN: 141041017X

Title: The Calder Game

Author: Blue Balliett

KDL Description:


When seventh-grader Calder Pillay disappears from a remote English village along with an Alexander Calder sculpture to which he has felt strangely drawn his friends Petra and Tommy fly from Chicago to help his father find him.

Amazon Description:

When Calder Pillay travels with his father to a remote village in England, he finds a mix of mazes and mystery- including an unexpected Alexander Calder sculpture in the town square. Calder is strangely drawn to the sculpture, while others in the village have less-than-friendly feelings toward it. Both the boy and the sculpture seem out of place…and then they dissapear!!!!

Calder’s friends Petra and Tommy must fly to England to help Calder’s father find him. But this mystery has more twists and turns than a calder mobile caught in a fierce wind-with more at stake that meets the eye.