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Rosie's Magic Horse

Rosie's Magic Horse

ISBN: 0763664006

Title: Rosie's Magic Horse

Author: Russell Hoban

KDL Description:


Follows the experiences of a discarded popsicle stick that is picked up by a girl who dreams about a magical horse that gallops with her through cities, jungles, and over an ice-pop mountain leading to a gold-filled pirate chest.

Amazon Description:

If an ice-pop stick can dream of being a horse, what magic might follow? A fanciful tale by Russell Hoban, mischievously illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Once its icy sweetness is gone, a discarded ice-pop stick is lonely until young Rosie comes by and lays it in a cigar box with others like it. But this stick wants to be something! Meanwhile, just before bed, Rosie sees her parents worrying over their bills. That night, wishes intertwine when Rosie dreams of a horse named Stickerino galloping out of the cigar box. “Where to?” he asks. “Anywhere with treasure!” says Rosie. A girl and a horse galloping over cities, jungles, and an icepop mountain leads up to a clever heist of a gold-filled pirate chest — and a happy ending at home — in this wildly imaginative adventure.