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Here Come the Humpbacks!

Here Come the Humpbacks!

ISBN: 1580894054

Title: Here Come the Humpbacks!

Author: April Pulley Sayre

KDL Description:


A mother humpback whale and her calf participate in the great migration and face dangers along the way that reveal to young children some of the hazards confronting our environment and the animals that depend upon it.

Amazon Description:

In this latest book by acclaimed science writer April Pulley Sayre, young readers follow along as a mother humpback whale and her calf make their annual trek from the warm waters of the Caribbean to their summer feeding grounds off the coast of New England and back again. Within this extraordinary story of migration, Sayre provides information about how humpback whales breathe, sing, and how they got their name a secondary layer of text expands upon the more intricate details.

But aside from the basics about the humpback whale species, Here Come the Humpbacks! also delves into the dangers these whales face from other mammals and sea life such as hungry orcas, to man-made threats like pollution and giant ships.

Jamie Hogan s stunning, rich pastel illustrations complement Sayre s text beautifully, and make this book a great choice for a read-aloud in the classroom, library, or at home.