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ISBN: 0811878988

Title: E-mergency!

Author: Tom Lichtenheld

KDL Description:


The letter E has fallen and injured herself—which letters will replace her and how will words be spelled without her?

Amazon Description:

It s an E-mergency! The letter E has fallen down the stairs and ended up in the hospital. Now the only way to get her back on her feet is for everyone to stop using her. But who will substitute for E? The other letters have to make a decision, ASAP. Z is too sleepy, P is always in the bathroom, and Y asks way too many questions. Thankfully, O rolls in to save the day, because he’s “so well-rounded.” Now E can rost up and got bottor . . . as long as ovorybody follows the rulos.

Chock-full of verbal and visual puns, this zany book is sure to tickle both the brain and the funny bone.