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The Best Bike Ride Ever

The Best Bike Ride Ever

ISBN: 0803738501

Title: The Best Bike Ride Ever

Author: James Proimos

KDL Description:


Bonnie O’Boy really wants a bicycle, but when she gets one, she forgets to do something that is very important.

Amazon Description:

The perfect book for every first-time bike rider

I want a bike! I want a bike! This is all Bonnie says for one full week, until her parents surprise her with . . . a bike! Then: Oh boy! Oh boy! Before she knows it, Bonnie is off on a wobbly course around the backyard that becomes an adventure of epic proportions. She bikes over mountains, under giraffes, up the Statue of Liberty, through the Grand Canyon, and past the Giant Cheese. There’s only one thing Bonnie can’t do on her bike . . . STOP!!! But after a tumble and an important lesson from Mom and Dad, Bonnie is back in the saddle.

This celebration of a timeless rite of passage will have kids clamoring to read it, read it again, and then strike out on their own bike-riding adventures.