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Crash Bang Donkey!

Crash Bang Donkey!

ISBN: 9780807513309

Title: Crash Bang Donkey!

Author: Jill Newton

KDL Description:


A donkey’s loud musical instruments annoy Farmer Gruff until he discovers that the music keeps away the pesky crows that have been eating his corn crop.

Amazon Description:

Things are quiet on Peaceful Farm… until Donkey shows up! First he makes a racket with his great big drum and tootling trumpet. Then he raises a ruckus banging the piano and jamming his guitar! Farmer Gruff, of course, isn’t pleased at all. But one day, everyone realizes that just as there’s a time to be quiet, there’s a time to be noisy, too, and at last Donkey discovers his purpose. Jill Newton’s rambunctious story and rich illustrations will bring welcome energy to any storytime.