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Want to Be in a Band?

Want to Be in a Band?

ISBN: 0375868798

Title: Want to Be in a Band?

Author: Suzzy Roche

KDL Description:


Describes the hard work, cooperation, and enthusiasm needed to make music and participate in a band.

Amazon Description:

Do you want to be in a band? Well, here’s how! First, bug your two older sisters to start a band, and then beg them to join. (It helps if they already know how to sing and play guitar.) Then there are some tricky parts, like getting over STAGEFRIGHT and practicing until the tips of your fingers ache and playing gigs at not-so-big-time music clubs. At least, that’s the way our little sister narrator explains it in her “guide” on how to start a band, based on the real-life experiences of author Suzzy Roche.