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Pirates of the Sea!

Pirates of the Sea!

ISBN: 0062040685

Title: Pirates of the Sea!

Author: Brandon Dorman

KDL Description:


Cap’n Bones and his crew face sharks, a sea serpent and more as they follow a map toward a real treasure.

Amazon Description:

“No cryin’
No dyin’
No brushin’ yer teeth!
No stealin’
No squealin’
No eatin’ Parrot Pete!
No nappin’
No scrappin’
No wimpy moans or groans!
No veggies
No wedgies
No disobeyin’ Cap’n Bones!”

It’s the pirate code! Do you pledge? Do you agree?

Then open this book to join the crew on the Dragonfish of Doom and become a pirate of the sea!