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The Skeleton Pirate

The Skeleton Pirate

ISBN: 9780763661076

Title: The Skeleton Pirate


KDL Description:


Defeated by an unruly bunch of pirates who throw him overboard, a once-fearsome pirate is rescued by a mermaid only to be swallowed by a whale who suffers from indigestion because of a treasure-laden ship in its tummy.

Amazon Description:

Shiver me timbers and swash me buckles — it’s time for an adventure with the Skeleton Pirate!

The Skeleton Pirate is the Terror of the Seas, and he’ll never be beaten! That is, until he gets beaten by an unruly bunch of pirates and is thrown overboard. Down in the depths of the sea, he is rescued by a beautiful mermaid, only to be swallowed by a whale. But the whale has a tummy ache from all the other things he has swallowed — like a golden ship full of treasure. With echoes of Pinocchio and Treasure Island, this picture book is full of humor and irrepressible energy, a perfect adventure for little would-be pirates.