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This Little Pirate

This Little Pirate

ISBN: 0525464409

Title: This Little Pirate

Author: Philemon Sturges

KDL Description:


This little pirate spied the island. This little pirate saw the rocks. This little pirate dropped the anchor. And this little pirate found the box.

Amazon Description:

The team that created The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) is back with another insouciant takeoff and hilarious read-aloud, this time a freespirited invention around a favorite children’s rhyme: This little pirate spied the island.This little pirate saw the rocks.This little pirate dropped the anchor.And this little pirate found the box.Trouble is, another band of pirates is approaching from the island’s other side! Battle ensues—until, completely pooped, the two crews decide to cooperate. When they discover the box is filled with goodies . . . it’s party time! Amy Walrod’s amazingly intricate cut-paper piggies and Philemon Sturges’s zestful rhymes are pure pleasure for the preschool set.