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The Princess of Trelian

The Princess of Trelian

ISBN: 0763650625

Title: The Princess of Trelian

Author: Michelle Knudsen

KDL Description:


Sequel to Dragon of Trelian
Princess Meglynne of Trelian will soon be named the princess-heir, but her link to the dragon Jakl makes the kingdom’s people uneasy,.

Amazon Description:

From bestselling author Michelle Knudsen, here is the thrilling fantasy follow-up to The Dragon of Trelian. The hundred-year war with Kragnir is over, and Meg will soon be named the
princess-heir of Trelian. But her connection to her dragon, Jakl, is making her parents’ subjects uneasy. Will they ever accept this dragon princess as their future queen? It doesn’t help that Meg is suffering horrible nightmares and sudden, uncontrollable rages—and with the link joining them together, Jakl is feeling the rages, too. Meg is desperate to talk to Calen, to see if he can help her figure out what is happening and how to stop it before she or her dragon does something terrible… Meanwhile, Calen is having troubles of his own. He’s far away, gone off with Mage Serek to receive his first true mage’s mark. But his marking ceremony is disrupted by a mysterious magical attack, and ominous prophecies predict a terrifying new danger. The Magistratum’s greatest enemy may soon reappear—and the other mages believe that Calen himself may have a hand in his return! Fans of The Dragon of Trelian will rejoice at this chance to re-enter Michelle Knudsen’s enchanting fantasy world.