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Princess Peepers Picks a Pet

Princess Peepers Picks a Pet

ISBN: 0761458158

Title: Princess Peepers Picks a Pet

Author: Pam Calvert

KDL Description:


When Princess Peepers loses her glasses, she mistakes a dragon for a unicorn and enters it in the pet show at the Royal Academy for Perfect Princesses.

Amazon Description:

Everyone at the Royal Academy for Perfect Princesses is excited about the upcoming pet show. Everyone, that is, except Princess Peepers. She doesn’t have a pet! Will a bug from her collection work? What about a frog from the royal pond? Can the other princesses accept a pet that is as unique as Princess Peepers is? Princess Peepers makes the pet show an unforgettable one in this sequel about the world’s most lovable princess. Tuesday Mourning’s vibrant illustrations using mixed media add to the fun in this quirky read aloud about identity and acceptance.