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OLIVIA the Princess

OLIVIA the Princess

ISBN: 9781442430334

Title: OLIVIA the Princess

Author: Falconer

KDL Description:


A royal family comes to town and the princess looks just like Olivia! Olivia and Princess Stephanie decide to switch places for a day.

Amazon Description:

A real princess is coming to Olivia’s town! And when Olivia and Princess Stephanie meet, they realize they look very much alike…so much so that they trade places. Princess Stephanie will go home to Olivia’s house, and Olivia will spend the day in the castle! Enjoy the royal treatment with Olivia in this beautiful book with intricate pop-up windows and pull-tabs that allow readers to interact with the story. Oliva is thrilled to learn a real-life princess will visit her town. When Princess Stephanie shows up, she and Olivia meet and realize they look almost exactly alike! Hilarity ensues in this charming story, a retelling of the special tentpole episode that’s sure to be a huge hit!