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The Monster Princess

The Monster Princess

ISBN: 1416948090

Title: The Monster Princess

Author: D.J. MacHale

KDL Description:


Unhappy with her life in a dark cave, Lala longs to live like the princesses far, far above but after venturing into their world, she finds contentment at home

Amazon Description:

Lala dwells in a cave that lies deep below the ground, worlds away from the castle where three beautiful princesses live. She is the best krinkle-nut digger by far, but she longs for more: the dresses, the parties, the royal life. Up, up, up Lala climbs and sneaks into the castle. She tries on the princesses’ gowns…and is caught. But the princesses dress Lala up and let her attend a ball. She stumbles. She bumbles. She is laughed at. Can Lala find it in her heart to forgive the girls who tricked her? Will Lala find out what it means to be a real princess?