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Song For A Princess

Song For A Princess

ISBN: 9780545248358

Title: Song For A Princess

Author: Rachael Mortimer

KDL Description:


A sad princess is made happy again by a humble, word-loving bird.

Amazon Description:

A humble little wren makes the lonely princess happy again when he sings a song full of all the wonderful words he’s been collecting in his nest. When the birds in the palace garden realize the princess is sad, they decide to offer their best to make her smile again. The peacock tries first, proudly displaying his beautiful plumes, but the princess barely lifts her head to look. Then the magpie brings silver and gold, but she only asks him whose jewels he stole. A banquet from the kingfisher, the jackdaws’ aerial show—nothing helps. Then the wren perches on her balcony and sings a soothing story full of all the happy words he’s been collecting. “Please never leave, little wren,” the princess says, “and I shall never be lonely.”