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Princess to the Rescue

Princess to the Rescue

ISBN: 9781897187937

Title: Princess to the Rescue

Author: Claudia Souza

KDL Description:

This is the story of a courageous and smart princess who rescues princes.

Amazon Description:

Once upon a time, there was a princess who saved princes So begins this delightful re-imagining of the traditional fairy tale. This particular princess is not afraid, she is not weak, and she does not need to be rescued. In fact, she is the one who does the rescuing—she has saved princes who’ve been turned into frogs, who’ve been kidnapped by ogres, who were locked in terrible dungeons and who were lost in scary forests. Now the princess is faced with her toughest rescue yet, as she tries to save a prince who has been captured by a wicked witch. This is a charming princess who turns centuries of storytelling on its head, not by using her charms, but by using her intelligence. She defies traditional expectations as she saves the day and wins the prince’s heart.