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Baby Brains and RoboMom

Baby Brains and RoboMom

ISBN: 0763634638

Title: Baby Brains and RoboMom

Author: Simon James

KDL Description:


Baby Brains, the smartest baby in the universe, invents RoboMom to do all the household chores and give his tired parents a rest—with hilarious results.

Amazon Description:

Kids will giggle and parents will smile (a bit sheepishly) as the world’s smartest tyke invents a robot that does the chores, and then some.

Everyone knows that Baby Brains is the smartest baby in the universe. He’s certainly clever enough to see how tired Mom and Dad seem to get keeping house and looking after him. Then Baby Brains has a big idea. He puts his genius to work building RoboMom, who can cook, clean, and do the laundry. The new invention is a smashing success . . . until RoboMom takes on a few too many duties, and the family gets more help than they bargained for!