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Wodney Wat's Wobot

Wodney Wat's Wobot

ISBN: 0547367562

Title: Wodney Wat's Wobot

Author: Helen Lester

KDL Description:


When Wodney Wat, who cannot pronounce the letter R, gets a talking robot for his birthday, it turns out to be more than just a fun gift.

Amazon Description:

When Wodney must face off against that big bully Camilla Capybara for a second time, a talking robot becomes his secret weapon. The meek wodent . . . er, rodent . . . hero with a speech impediment and a heart of gold is back! So is Camilla Capybara—the BIG bully who makes poor Wodney and his  classmates tremble. But this time, Wodney has a secret weapon: a robot that helps him pronounce his r’s and seems to be just the thing to scare Camilla away for good.
With the second empowering tale about Wodney, Lester and Munsinger use their
signature dose of humor to remind us that the little guy can finish first, and it’s often
brains—not brawn—that save the day.