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The Robot and the Bluebird

The Robot and the Bluebird

ISBN: 0374363307

Title: The Robot and the Bluebird

Author: David Lucas

KDL Description:


A broken robot makes a home for a cold, tired bluebird trying to fly south for the winter and eventually he carries the bird to a warmer climate while she rests where his heart used to be.

Amazon Description:

“Let me carry you,” said the Robot.

“I’ll carry you in my heart, and shelter you from the cold and storms.”

High atop a pile of rubbish sits a lonely Robot with a broken heart. Then one winter’s day, a Bluebird appears, fighting against the freezing wind. When the Robot offers her a home in the empty space where his heart used to be, neither of them can predict what astonishing things will happen. Together the newfound friends set off on a memorable journey that will change them both.

This fable-like tale, bursting with bright, winsome illustrations, is a fresh take on the timeless themes of friendship and second chances.