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Robot Zot!

Robot Zot!

ISBN: 1416963944

Title: Robot Zot!

Author: Jon Scieszka

KDL Description:


On a mission to conquer planet Earth, tiny but fearless Robot Zot and his mechanical sidekick leave a path of destruction as they battle kitchen appliances.

Amazon Description:

From the minds of Scieszka and Shannon comes a tale of a quixotic robot determined to conquer the earth. The only problem is that the earth he lands on is a suburban kitchen and he is three inches tall. Robot Zot, the fearless and unstoppable warrior, leaves a trail of destruction as he encounters blenders, toasters, and televisions. But when he discovers the princess…a pink cell phone…his mission takes a new course. Robot Zot must learn how to be a hero – in the name of true love.