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Tweak Tweak

Tweak Tweak

ISBN: 0618998519

Title: Tweak Tweak

Author: Eve Bunting

KDL Description:


While out for a walk, Mama Elephant answers her child’s questions about a monkey, a frog, a songbird, a butterfly, and a crocodile, all the while teaching about Little Elephant too.

Amazon Description:

Little Elephant and Mama Elephant are going for a walk. “Hold on to my tail,” says Mama. “If you want to ask me a question, tweak twice.” Tweak, tweak! “Mama, what is that?” Little Elephant is curious about the frog, the monkey, the songbird, the butterfly, and the crocodile—and especially about what a little elephant can do. Mama knows just how to answer, to help her cherished Little Elephant grow. 

Eve Bunting’s tender text and Sergio Ruzzier’s whimsical illustrations make this walk with Mama an excursion any little elephant would enjoy.

Sketches from the illustrator Sergio Ruzzier
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This spread shows Little Elephant fantasizing about swimming in the river. I thought it would make it more interesting if he swam underwater and against the flow.

When I sketched it, I knew I would have a great time drawing and especially coloring all the pebbles. I always make up excuses to draw what I like to draw.

I always like to paint the water yellow, I don’t know why.

One challenge when working on spreads is the gutter.

No important element should be placed too close to the middle of the spread, because the way the books are bound would likely make it difficult to see.

At the same time, the composition needs to feel balanced and effortless, at least in a simple book as this.