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Axel the Truck: Beach Race

Axel the Truck: Beach Race

ISBN: 9780062222305

Title: Axel the Truck: Beach Race

Author: J. D. Riley

KDL Description:


Introduces a little truck with very big wheels and a super-loud engine whose bravery and curiosity compel his explorations at the beach, where he races giant waves and monster trucks.

Amazon Description:

Axel is a little truck with big, big wheels who loves speed and adventure. In Axel the Truck: Beach Race by J.D. Riley, first in a series, Axel’s going to find out if he’s fast enough to win an off-road race by the ocean against some bigger trucks. The monster trucks zoom down the sand, but Axel has a great—and very loud!—engine and the heart of a winner.
Bright illustrations by Brandon Dorman bring the fun-loving, confident Axel to life.
Axel the Truck: Beach Race is an I Can Read book designed to introduce children to the exciting world of reading. It is perfect for reading aloud to a child, which is the first step in creating a great reader.