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When Jack Goes Out

When Jack Goes Out

ISBN: 9781590786529

Title: When Jack Goes Out

Author: Pat Schories

KDL Description:


Jack the dog plays happily in his backyard with visitors from outer space, but is not so sure that he wants to go home with them.

Amazon Description:

When the ‘Night Visitors’ return, they want to take Jack home with them. Will they succeed? The Night Visitors are back. The family doesn’t know they’ve come. But their dog, Jack, does. Once they land, the space creatures unhook Jack’s leash. They have a grand time playing with Jack and when it’s time to return to their ship, they try to take Jack with them. Fortunately, Jack’s collar is not built for space travel! This compelling, easy-to-follow, wordless picture book introduces pre-literate children to elements of story – such as character, setting, and action – and invites them to read the book on their own.