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Mitt, the Michigan Mouse

Mitt, the Michigan Mouse

ISBN: 1587263033

Title: Mitt, the Michigan Mouse

Author: Kathy-jo Wargin

KDL Description:

Mitt, a white-footed mouse, lives in a mitten that is his only reminder of the family he once had, and when it is stolen, Mitt sets out for the city to find the owner of the dog that took his home.

Amazon Description:

Kathy-jo Wargin’s children’s titles sell thousands of copies. Now, for the first time, this talented writer turns her attention to young readers with Mitt the Michigan Mouse. This is the first in a four-book series.

Meet Mitt—a delightful white-footed mouse from the deep woods of northern Michigan. He lives happily in the only home he has ever known, a thick red mitten, until a boy and his dog snatch Mitt’s cozy home and start Mitt on an adventure across the state to find his beloved mitten. A beautiful Sandhill crane named Tuuli takes a special liking to the young mouse and promises to find his mitten and deliver Mitt safely back to his woodland home, but the journey is long and filled with danger. Mitt will need his quick mind and story-telling abilities to keep him safe until he locates the old wolverine named Tekla who holds the key to locating Mitt’s missing mitten.