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Ashleigh's Fairies

Ashleigh's Fairies

ISBN: 0979038340

Title: Ashleigh's Fairies

Author: Amy and Ashleigh Kieliszewski

KDL Description:


Diagnosed with cancer before her third birthday, Ashleigh talks to her mother about her fairy friends who are there to help, comfort and love her.

Amazon Description:

2007 Gold Medalist Winner in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Ashleigh s Fairies demonstrates a child s special openness to love that can come from things adults cannot readily explain. Ashleigh Marie Kieliszewski was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, one month before her third birthday. During her 21 month courageous battle, Ashleigh inspired countless people and taught us the importance of loving and living. During the months prior to her passing in March 2006, Ashleigh spoke often about her fairy friends, inspiring this warm and touching story. Ashleigh s Fairies is the first book in the Ashleigh Marie Series. Besides sharing Ashleigh s beautiful stories with others, another mission of Ashleigh Marie Books is to raise funds for research in pediatric cancer as well as supporting organizations that help families battling childhood cancer. Therefore, a portion of proceeds from the sale of Ashleigh s Fairies and the other upcoming books in the series will be donated to the Children s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation and other select organizations. For more information, log on to AshleighMaireBooks.com.