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It Takes a Worried Man: A Memoir

It Takes a Worried Man: A Memoir

ISBN: 0375507167

Title: It Takes a Worried Man: A Memoir

Author: Brendan Halpin

KDL Description:


In September, 2000, Brenda Halpin discovered that his thirty-two year old wife had stage four breast cancer. On October 7, 2000, he sat down to begin writing about what happens to a man who fears that his best friend might leave him forever.

Amazon Description:

“When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, I joked that I couldn’t decide between alcoholism and overeating as a coping strategy. My wife suggested I write about it instead. She is always right. I couldn’t write a cloying, sentimental story of inspiring courage, so instead I wrote what was real to me—fear, lust, annoyance, love, fatigue, resentment, existential terror, horror movies, alcohol, and country music. It’s not pretty, but it is real.