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How to Scratch a Wombat

How to Scratch a Wombat

ISBN: 061886864X

Title: How to Scratch a Wombat

Author: Jackie French

KDL Description:


Where to find wombats, what to feed them, and why they sleep all day.

Amazon Description:

What’s the best way to scratch a wombat? Well, if it’s a wombat that’s familiar with humans, says author Jackie French, you rub the bony ridge along its back or behind its ears. And the harder you scratch, the better the wombat likes it. For more than thirty years, Jackie French has lived in the Australian bush, coexisting with wild wombats. In this cross between memoir and natural history, Jackie shares her often hilarious adventures with her wombats neighbors and describes their physiology, history, and habits. Bruce Whatley adds pencil drawings in both comic and realistic styles. It’s a book that’s perfect for the budding naturalist. It’s an easy read. It’s full of funny stories. It’s science with a heart.