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It's Moving Day!

It's Moving Day!

ISBN: 1554530741

Title: It's Moving Day!

Author: Pamela Hickman

KDL Description:


Tucked away beneath a big tree lies a small burrow for many animals. After a long winter’s sleep, a woodchuck moves out and other animals move in.

Amazon Description:

Tucked away beneath a big tree on the edge of a field lies a home—a small burrow—for many. In every season, a different creature makes its home here and then moves on, making room for the next occupant. After a long winter’s sleep, the woodchuck relocates to another burrow, but its former home is not left vacant for long. A cottontail rabbit raises her family there. After the kits have all hopped away, a salamander takes refuge in the same safe place. Through this engaging and informative introduction to woodland animals in their habitats, young readers will delight in learning about natural science as it is integrated into an inviting picture book.