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Happy Birthday, Jamela!

Happy Birthday, Jamela!

ISBN: 9780374328429

Title: Happy Birthday, Jamela!

Author: Niki Daly

KDL Description:


Jamela wants sparkly “princess shoes” to go with her new birthday dress, but Mama makes her buy practical school shoes instead.

Amazon Description:

What Jamela wants for her birthday is a pair of beautiful princess shoes. What she gets instead is clunky, practical school shoes. Jamela is definitely disappointed, but with glitter, beads, and glue – and a burst of inspiration – she transforms her present into a funky, fun work of art. Mama thinks Jamela’s handiwork is a waste of hard-earned money . . . until a local artist helps Jamela tap the full potential of her spirited creativity.
Vibrant illustrations animate a sunny and satisfying story set in South Africa about embracing the imagination and also about feelings and situations that often arise at birthdays and other gift-giving occasions.