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Under the Lemon Moon

Under the Lemon Moon

ISBN: 1880000695

Title: Under the Lemon Moon

Author: Edith Hope Fine

KDL Description:


The theft of all the lemons from her lemon tree leads Rosalinda to an encounter with la Anciana, the Old One, who walks the Mexican countryside helping things grow, and to an understanding of generosity and forgiveness.

Amazon Description:

This is a charming story about a young Mexican girl learning about generosity and forgiveness. One night Rosalinda is awakened by a noise in the garden. A man is stealing lemons from her beloved tree! She consults the wise old woman La Anciana, who offers her a creative solution. Watercolor and pastel illustrations make the story appealing for young readers who are learning the pleasures sharing. The Spanish vocabulary in the book gives the characters a sense of place.