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Agnes Parker...Happy Camper?

Agnes Parker...Happy Camper?

ISBN: 0803729626

Title: Agnes Parker...Happy Camper?

Author: Kathleen O'Dell

KDL Description:


Science camp brings pranks, fun, rivalries, and a new and somewhat unsettling view of a longtime best friend.

Amazon Description:

The first thing Agnes and her best friend Prejean learn at science camp is that they won’t be sharing the same cabin. Being apart gives Agnes a different perspective, and a few worries, about what others think of her longtime friend. Everyone seems to be going on and on about how beautiful Prejean is. A beauty queen? What if Prejean starts acting like one?

Soil studies, camp pranks, and a weird bunkmate all play a role in this funny, insightful story of the everyday casualties and payoffs of growing up.

Reaction to Kathleen O’Dell’s debut, Agnes Parker . . . Girl in Progress: