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The Happiest Hippo in the World

The Happiest Hippo in the World

ISBN: 0061578991

Title: The Happiest Hippo in the World

Author: Danielle Steel

KDL Description:


Alphonse, a young hippopotamus too big, green, and different to fit in, leaves the circus where his family lives and goes to New York City, where he finally finds a friend who likes him just the way he is.

Amazon Description:

Book Description

From America’s bestselling storyteller Danielle Steel comes a heartwarming story about acceptance.

There are many things that are green. Grass, leaves, four-leaf clovers, lettuce. But not hippos. Hippos are supposed to be gray.

Unfortunately for Greenie— a big, bright green hippo—everyone at the circus thinks he’s just too different. So Greenie sets out on a journey to fit in and winds up in New York City. Just when it seems as though Greenie will never find a true friend, a boy named Charlie comes into his life. Will Charlie and Greenie become friends?