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Ask Me About My New God! (CD + DVD)

Ask Me About My New God! (CD + DVD)


Title: Ask Me About My New God! (CD + DVD)


KDL Description:

“If you’ve never listened to the comedic styling’s of Maria Bamford you’re missing out on many a good hearty laugh! Bamford has been featured everywhere from Louie with Louis C.K. to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to The Sarah Silverman Program.  Her newest Standup CD is hilariously insightful and broaches uncomfortable topics and makes them  funnier than you thought possible. People who like their comedy with an experimental twist, and whose minds are open and agile enough to follow the twists and leaps of her stories intermixed with a wide array of voice acting genius will find themselves want more! Also includes a bonus DVD with two of her Standup shows.”—Emmy at KDL’s Tyrone Township branch

Amazon Description:

Three Bamford specials in one package! It’s a brand new performance of the material from The special special special! as well as a DVD of Maria’s two Comedy Central Presents specials! Maria has lent her hilarious, unique style to shows such as Arrested Development, The Sarah Silverman Programme, Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, and The Comedians of Comedy and has performed stand-up on Conan, The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Maria also contributes voiceovers for animations like Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, Nickelodeon’s Kung Fu Panda, and PBS’s Word Girl.