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Snow in Love

Snow in Love

ISBN: 0061688053

Title: Snow in Love

Author: Claire Ray

KDL Description:


First, there is Jess, a down to earth Alaskan girl, whose boyfriend Jake lives too far away to visit often. Abby and Erin are Jess’ 2 best friends. And of course, every town has their hotshot. Willow Hill’s happens to be Will Parker, who has been on ESPN and participated in the Winter X Games. As the town’s Northern Lights Ball grows closer, so does Jake’s arrival. But this year, Jake has a new friend .. and she happens to be blond, tan, and named Evie.

Amazon Description:

Welcome to Alaska! A special welcome to my boyfriend, Jake, the cutest tourist I’ve ever met! Explore our natural beauties and untouched wilderness. Jake and I like to hike our great (romantic!) nature trails. . . . Enjoy our perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions.

Be sure to catch Will Parker doing his snowboarding tricks. He makes all the girls in town melt. (Except for me. Who needs Will when you’ve got Jake?) Experience our world-class resorts and spas. While you’re there, find out what’s up with that hot girl Jake brought to the lodge this year. She’s probably just his cousin or something. Right?! Get ready for a vacation you’ll never forget!