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Over the Wall

Over the Wall

ISBN: 0399234896

Title: Over the Wall

Author: John H. Ritter

KDL Description:


Thirteen-year-old Tyler, who has trouble controlling his anger, spends an important summer with his cousins in New York City, playing baseball and sorting out how he feels about violence, war, and in particular the Vietnamese conflict that took his grandfather’s life.

Amazon Description:

Anger is a bombshell exploding. And for 13-year-old Tyler, the baseball field has become a battlefield laced with landmines. He tries to watch his step, but every time he thinks he has his temper under control, he winds up in a fight. If he isn’t careful, his dreams of making the All-Star team and being noticed by a scout are going to blow up as well. But Tyler’s coach isn’t about to let that happen. A Vietnam War veteran, Coach Trioli has seen anger destroy enough people. He knows that Tyler is fighting a war that has no winner. And if Tyler is ever going to be the ballplayer he dreams of becoming, he’ll have to learn to fight his battles with his glove, his bat, and his love for the game—not with his fists.

John H. Ritter, author of the award-winning Choosing Up Sides, has written a powerful story about war, fair play, and one boy’s struggle to find a middle ground.