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Bedtime in the Jungle

Bedtime in the Jungle

ISBN: 9781561454860

Title: Bedtime in the Jungle

Author: John Butler

KDL Description:

As dusk falls in the jungle, animal babies and their parents prepare for bedtime.

Amazon Description:

As nighttime approaches, mother animals and their babies are settling down for the night. A rhinoceros soothes one child to sleep, while a monkey makes a bed for her two babies and a leopard tucks in her three little ones. By the time readers arrive at the stunning gatefold illustration at the end of the story, a herd of ten elephant babies is nodding off, and silence finally settles over the jungle. Perhaps other little eyes will begin to close as well.

Written in the style of the familiar children’s song, Over in the Meadow, John Butler’s richly illustrated rhyming story will satisfy and comfort readers of all ages.