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Can't Sleep Without Sheep

Can't Sleep Without Sheep

ISBN: 0802720668

Title: Can't Sleep Without Sheep

Author: Susanna Leonard Hill

KDL Description:

When counting sheep does not help Ava fall asleep and the sheep complain that they are exhausted, they send in replacements, including cows, horses, penguins, and pigs, but none prove satisfactory.

Amazon Description:

Whenever Ava can’t sleep, she counts sheep. But Ava takes so long to fall asleep, it’s the sheep that are growing tired—until finally, they quit! When the sheep promise to find a replacement that Ava can count on, chaos ensues as chickens, cows, pigs, hippos, and more try their hand at jumping over Ava’s fence. Finding the perfectly peaceful replacement for sheep might not be so easy after all.

With irresistibly adorable art, this delightful take on a familiar sleep tactic is sure to become a bedtime favorite.