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Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime

Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime

ISBN: 0152061509

Title: Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime

Author: Myra Wolfe

KDL Description:

From the day Charlotte Jane was born on a pirate ship she has had “formidable oomph,” but when she succeeds in conquering sleep by staying up all night, her oomph seems to weigh anchor.

Amazon Description:

If only bedtime could walk the plank!

Charlotte Jane the Hearty gets all the juice out of her days with pirate-girl pizzazz! She loves swashbuckling sessions, treasure hunts, and Fantastic Feats of Daring—all of which prove she has formidable oomph. There’s absolutely no room in her day for bedtime. But can Charlotte Jane refuse to snooze and still be her hearty pirate self?