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Baby Badger's Wonderful Night

Baby Badger's Wonderful Night

ISBN: 1606841726

Title: Baby Badger's Wonderful Night

Author: Karen Saunders

KDL Description:

Baby Badger is frightened as darkness falls, and so Papa Badger takes him on a walk, pointing out the beauty and wonder of the night.

Amazon Description:

“I don’t like the night,” Baby Badger whispered. Papa Badger took him by the hand. “There’s no need to be frightened,” he said. “The night is wonderful. Let me show you.”
Baby Badger is afraid of the night. It’s dark and lonely. But Papa Badger promises there is nothing to fear.
Together they take a nighttime walk, and Papa shows Baby the beautiful colors and shining stars, and just how magical the world becomes when the sun goes down.
With beautiful illustrations that capture a special moment between father and child, Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night is the perfect cozy bedtime story to share before you say, “Good night.”