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ISBN: 1442474181

Title: VIII

Author: H. M. Castor

KDL Description:


This gives an interesting twist on the life of Henry the 8th, it focuses on his younger life and the environment he was brought up it, to help explain his personality. At a young age he over hears a prophecy that he believes is about him, it states that he will be a golden king whose name will live on down the ages, that he is chosen by god. He truly believes that he is chosen by god when his older brother dies making him heir to the throne. He then lives his life as he sees fit and as thought every action is either a test from god or a temptation from the devil. Well worth a read and it will help you understand the lineage of the Tudors and the War of the Roses.
—Craig at KDL’s Cascade Township branch

Amazon Description: Destined for greatness…tormented by demons. The epic story of Henry VIII’s transformation from a handsome, gifted youth to a murderous, cruel king.

Hal is a young man of extraordinary talents, astonishing warrior skills, sharp intelligence, and a fierce sense of honor and virtue. He believes he is destined for greatness. His father wishes he would disappear. Haunted by the ghosts of his family’s violent past, Hal embarks on a journey that leads him to absolute power—and brings him face to face with his demons.

“History comes alive from the first page to the last” (The Independent) in this fascinating, previously untold story of how a charismatic, athletic young man grew up to become the murderous, vengeful King Henry VIII.