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Cat Girl's Day Off

Cat Girl's Day Off

ISBN: 1600608833

Title: Cat Girl's Day Off

Author: Kimberly Pauley

KDL Description:


This was a fun read about a girl whose talent is being able to understand cats. She hears a cat on a video claim that her famous “owner” is an imposter. So Natalie is drawn into helping the cat by her friends and helps uncover the truth.
—Beth at KDL’s Gaines Township branch

Amazon Description:

Never listen to a cat. That will only get you in trouble. Actually, scratch that. Listening to cats is one thing, but really I should never listen to my best friend Oscar. It s completely his fault (okay, and my aspiring actress friend Melly s too) that I got caught up in this crazy celebrity-kidnapping mess. If you had asked me, I would have thought it would be one of my super-Talented sisters who d get caught up in crime fighting. I definitely never thought it would be me and my Talent trying to save the day. Usually, all you get out of conversations with cats is requests for tummy rubs and tuna. Wait . . . I go back to what I said first: Never listen to a cat. Because when the trouble starts and the kitty litter hits the fan, trust me, you don t want to be in the middle of it.