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The Promise of Stardust

The Promise of Stardust

ISBN: 0062194178

Title: The Promise of Stardust

Author: Priscille Sibley

KDL Description:

A stunning debut from Sibley introduces us to Matt and Elle, childhood friends, and long time married couple who have faced almost everything in life together, good or bad, they have always had love and friendship. Lately multiple miscarriages have devastated them and Elle being at a point in her life of wanting a family, can only think about having a baby no matter the risk. Matt on the other hand wants kids but does not want Elle to put her life in danger, so trying again for the 5th time is out of the question. Before the two can even disagree about it, Elle has a tragic freak accident and sustains massive head trauma putting her in a vegetative state hooked up to life support. Matt has no intention of keeping Elle alive and knows it’s time to say goodbye to his wife, but when he receives the news that Elle is eight weeks pregnant everything changes in an instant.

Heartbreaking and grueling issues face Matt’s journey and the time spent going through Elle’s journals rekindle the beginnings of their relationship and takes the reader on an amazing love story.

Recommended by Tina at KDL’s Grandville branch

Amazon Description:

Priscille Sibley’s The Promise of Stardust is a haunting and unforgettable debut novel about life and death and love, set against a moral dilemma that may leave you questioning your own beliefs.

Matt Beaulieu has loved Elle McClure since he was two years old. Now married and expecting their first child, Elle suffers a fatal accident. To keep the baby alive, Matt goes against his wife’s wishes and keeps his wife on life support. But Matt’s mother thinks that Elle should be euthanized, and she’s ready to fight for what she believes is the right thing.

A stunning, compassionate examination of one of the most intricate ethical issues of our time, The Promise of Stardust, will stay with you, long after the last page has been read.