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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi?

ISBN: 0756697956

Title: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi?

Author: Glenn Dakin

KDL Description:


Reveals the secrets of the Jedi Knights, addressing such topics as what a lightsaber is, why R2-D2 is a great friend, and which Jedi the Sith fear most.

Amazon Description:

Step into the exciting world of the Clone Wars! With dynamic interactive text and an exciting new design, DK’s Star Wars series brings the world of the Clone Wars alive in a new way for young readers. Now parents and teachers can promote reading with books kids want to pick up — and won’t want to put down!

Who Are the Jedi?

How can you become a Jedi? What are the Force and the Jedi Council? What color lightsabers do Jedi carry? Young fans will explore these questions and more in this exciting guide to the secrets of the brave and powerful Jedi, following them on their death-defying missions, battles, duels, and adventures.