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Burning Midnight

Burning Midnight

ISBN: 0765331209

Title: Burning Midnight

Author: Loren D. Estleman

KDL Description:


Targeted by suspicious fires and bottle bombs for attempting to extract a relative from a Mexican town gang, Amos Walker struggles to forge peace between two rival gangs only to discover ties to an international conspiracy.

Amazon Description:

In Burning Midnight, master of the hard-boiled detective novel Loren D. Estleman gives readers a hot new Amos Walker mystery.

Amos Walker knows Detroit, from the highest to the lowest, and that includes the gangs of Mexicantown. When a friend asks Walker to get his son’s brother-in-law out of one of two feuding gangs, Walker gets in trouble fast. First, dead bodies start to pile up; then come suspicious fires and the bottle bombs. Walker is caught in the middle of a gang war.
Whether or not a middle-aged gringo like him can cool things off between the Maldados and the Zapatistas, he’s got to try; he did promise his friend. Once he gets involved, he realizes there’s something else going on; the specter of an international conspiracy threatens to make this local trouble blow sky-high. And if he ends up dead or in jail for murders he didn’t commit, he might have to put that promise on hold. It’s tough being Amos Walker.