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Raven's Fire

Raven's Fire

ISBN: 1462112161

Title: Raven's Fire

Author: John Gubbins

KDL Description:


Joe McCartney is coerced by his wife, a nurse, to take an ailing patient, Frank Talbot, up the Escanaba River, hoping that, even though Joe hates Frank for what Frank did to Joe’s father many years ago, Joe will be able to get rid of the rage he keeps buried deep within himself. Trapped on the river by a forest fire, Joe and Frank must work around their antipathies and find a way to survive.

Amazon Description:

A ghost story unlike one you’ve ever read! When a lethal 30-year-old secret tears apart Joe and Carol’s marriage, Joe heads for his beloved woods to recuperate, only to discover that they’re filled with evil spirits. Icy fingers will clasp your heart and not let go to the very end!