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Cole: Ninja of Earth

Cole: Ninja of Earth

ISBN: 0545369932

Title: Cole: Ninja of Earth

Author: Greg Farshtey

KDL Description:

LEGO Ninjago

Sensei Wu must train a powerful team of ninja warriors in the ancient art of Spinjitzu. If he fails, Lord Garmadon and his evil skeleton warriors will destroy the land of Ninjago and all of its inhabitants. Now it’s up to Cole to unite the team while utilizing their different strengths.

Amazon Description:

Masters of Spinjitzu: a new force to save the world!

The next chapter book in the Ninjago series!

Cole is the leader of the team. As the Earth Ninja, he is (perhaps unsurprisingly) the most grounded of the four. And the strongest. There is no physical challenge Cole cannot overcome. Now is his chance to use his skills to save the world!