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Title: Grabbers

Author: COM / NR

KDL Description:

“For fans of horror/comedy, this movie will fit in just perfectly. Tentacle-ridden, blood sucking aliens have crashed off the coast of Ireland and have begun to invade a small fishing village. When the townsfolk discover the aliens can’t stand alcohol, the only solution to survive the invasion is to drink…a lot. This movie was original and funny, and way worth the chance. Any fan of Shaun of the Dead will find a new friend in Grabbers.”—Kelly at KDL’s Cascade Township branch

Amazon Description:

On Erin Island, an idyllic fishing village off the coast of Ireland, charming inebriate Ciaran O Shea (Richard Coyle, Pusher) is tasked with showing straight-laced police officer Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley, Primeval, In Her Skin) her new beat. Not that there s much to police, as most of the community s troubles are caused by O Shea himself. But strange doings are afoot: the crew of a fishing boat disappears, whales start appearing dead on the shore, and a local lobsterman catches a mysterious tentacled creature in his trap. Soon it becomes clear to O Shea and Nolan that there s something unnatural out there, and that it s hungry. So it s time to rally the villagers, arm the troops…and head to the pub.

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